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In this eBook, we cover 5 of the key steps to securing media coverage: Build your media list, develop content, package content, draft your pitch, follow-up. Also included: a few of our favorite (free) tools for media outreach, press kits, & more.

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Cove Blog Packs
Jump start your content and SEO efforts this year with headache free, ongoing content production provided by experienced pros. Stop putting off content marketing and put it on auto-pilot.
We know it's challenging to stay committed to your content strategy as your day-to-day creeps in -- that's why we built our team to produce high-quality content efficiently, so you can use your time on other efforts. Hand things off to us or use our team as a supplement -- we're flexible.
Each month, we deliver content to your specifications that is:
  • Edited by a professional marketer with no less than 10 years content marketing experience
  • Uses strategic keywords effectively
  • Helps to establish you or your spokesperson as a thought leader, keeping your brand in important conversations
  • Includes 3 headline options
  • Includes basic image options (custom designed illustrations, infographics, and other visuals can be added if desired)
4 posts
  • Edited, keyword optimized
  • 3 alternative titles
  • 400-500 words
  • Basic images
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8 posts
  • Edited, keyword optimized
  • 3 alternative titles
  • 450-600 words
  • Basic Images
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12 posts
  • Edited, keyword optimized
  • 3 alternative titles
  • 450-700 words
  • Basic Images + 2 custom edits/month
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X posts
Example options:
  • Custom images, embeds, graphs, etc.
  • Longer-form pieces
  • Guest posts written for other blogs/publications
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